Patisseries Products

Expertise in bakery, patisserie and chocolate

Our Product Categories

Puratos develops innovative ingredients and solutions for bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers around the world. These are the three pillars on which we have constructed our company. Although closely related, each pillar requires specific knowhow and expertise, combined with continuous investments in innovation.

Our Patisserie Product Range

Patisserie is part spectacle and part seduction, and a good deal of talent and expertise is required. Our ingredients cover all elements of patisserie, and help clients master the interactions between base, filling and decoration. The result? More freedom to your creativity, a gain of time and delighted consumers.
  • Cake, sponge
  • Custard cream mixes
  • Freshness Enhancers
  • Mousse and bavarois mixes
  • Fruit and cream fillings
  • Flavouring preparations
  • Glazes
  • Icings, fudges and ganaches
  • Non-dairy toppings
  • UHT specialties
  • Other products