Puratos China

Puratos China
1995.05        Establishment of Guangzhou Puratos Food Cy Ltd,
                        with location in Xiaoping, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

1995.06        Establishment of Beijing Office
1998.10        Installation of the first wet-line in Xiaoping

2000.09        Establishment of Shanghai Office
2001.09        Move of the office and factory to Yixing
                        Industrial Estate, Panyu District, Guangzhou
2002.04        Installation of the 2nd wet-line in Yixing
2002.06        Certified for ISO and HACCP
2003.08        Installation of the margarine line in Yixing
2004.01        Achieved the 1st Golden Unicorn
                         in the Puratos Group
2005.08        Opening of the Asian Development Center(ADC)
                        in Puratos China
2005.11        Move of the Beijing Office to new site and
                        new warehouse
2006.01        Certified for HALAL
2006.05        Opening additional warehouse
                        for Finished Goods in Yixing
2006.11        Opening Innovation Center Chengdu
2008.01        First Innovation Summit Asia (INSA) about
                        Frozen Bakery Solutions in Guangzhou
2008.02        Opening Innovation Center Qingdao
2008.04        Achieved “Supplier of the Year Award”
                        from Wal-Mart
2009.02        Installation of the 3rd wet-line in Yixing
2009.09        Listed in the Top 100 of ‘Best Human Resources
                        Companiesin China’, organized by AEON-Hewitt
2010.06        Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Sunrise
                        Projectin Lanhe, Nansha District, Guangzhou
2012.07        Move to the Sunrise Site in Lanhe,
                        Nansha District,Guangzhou