Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence Market intelligence helps to line up solutions with consumer demand. By screening the market in various ways, we want to contribute to the aim we share with our customers: the development of their business.
Through our network of subsidiaries and partners in over 100 countries worldwide, we can identify the latest trends at a very early stage. We are in frequent contact with more than 200,000 customers: artisans, supermarkets, foodservice and industrial concerns. On top of this day-to-day contact, we maintain an open and constructive dialogue with trade organizations and other food industry stakeholders.
We are also closely in touch with consumers worldwide. The most important countries are continuously screened to analyze new trends and identify new business opportunities for our customers.
According to our latest findings in consumer trends, our market is dominated by expectations like taste, health, convenience, pleasure and nutrition. Providing effective answers to these expectations is the basis of our R&D and marketing efforts.
In addition, we have developed two powerful tools to gain direct feedback and input from end-consumers: our Sensory Analysis service and our Sensobus.