Sensory Analysis Lab

Sensobus-consumer To develop new consumer products according to the observed market trends, it is essential to measure taste objectively. Puratos has created an efficient tool that is able to achieve this.
Sensory analysis is a unique way to better understand the complex relationship between food and consumers. Puratos developed this scientific approach to be able to measure taste preferences in an objective and precise way.
Panels of food industry professionals systematically give us an expert view on emerging taste trends. The lab uses these findings for the product development.
Knowing what consumers want is key to your success. This is why we carry out meticulous consumer testing to validate our new products and applications in bakery, patisserie and chocolate. After all, our products are developed ultimately for consumers to choose, buy and enjoy. We have developed an extensive sensory analysis programme across the globe, through which we gather data and feedback from over 100,000 consumers all over the world.
This allows us to be aware of consumer preferences, product evaluation and product appreciation, which is critical to both our success and yours. Sensory analysis is a key instrument in our innovation and product development.