Innovation Center of China

Innovation center of China Our innovation process is driven by a passion to help you maintain, grow and innovate your business, as well as prepare it for the future – which we achieve through new products, innovative techniques, as well as cost-saving solutions. These are based on valuable information and ideas that come from all over the world, but our main source of inspiration is you, our customers.


It is in the first place our customers who constantly challenge us to think outside the box and create new breakthrough products and solutions. It is often these discussions that reveal the insights for our researchers to base their developments on, and it is one of our most important sources of inspiration.
Puratos has a team of more than 500 specialists – including researchers, food technicians and technical advisers – who work in the different Innovation Centers and regional R&D Centers around the world. There, they work on adapting the products, processes and services to continuously improve quality and add value by meeting both customer and consumer needs.

Puratos Innovation Center

innovation center of china
An essential part in driving our R&D efforts are the insights and experiences we gain from our innovations centers. This network of some 40 centers of innovation and competence across the globe allows for the development of new ideas, tracking consumer trends and putting technologies into practice, as well as hands-on interaction with our customers.
There are 5 centers all around China in 5 different big cities, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Qingdao. A meeting place for experts and customers, where our technical team can find inspiration to create new products and applications. It also offers a learning platform for how to differentiate your products and grow your business.

Address of Puratos Innovation Centers:

Guangzhou Puratos Food Co. Ltd. 
Shunhe Industrial Zone , Lanhe Town, Nansha District, 
Guangzhou 511480 
TEL: 020-39228888 
FAX: 020-39228600

Guangzhou Puratos Food Co. Ltd. - Beijing Office 
Room 501, Putian Building, No.9 Fangzhuang Nan Road, Fengtai District 
Beijing 100078 
TEL: 010-67632531 
FAX: 010-67600160

Guangzhou Puratos Food Co. Ltd. - Shanghai Office 
Rm 2588, No. 555 Zhongshan Nan Er Road 
Shanghai 200032 
TEL: 021-64047698 
FAX: 021-64047670

Guangzhou Puratos Food Co. Ltd. - Chengdu Innovation Center  
Room 408, Jinzuo Building, No.63 Xi'an Nan Road, Jinniu District,  
Chengdu 610032 
TEL: 028-87783842 
FAX: 028-87783842 
FAX: 0532-85018218 
TEL: 0532-85018217 
Qingdao 266304 
Room 514, SaiNa International Business Building, No.111 YanJi Road ,  
Guangzhou Puratos Food Co. Ltd. - Qingdao Innovation Center