Local and International Training

Through in-depth training sessions and demonstrations, we share our knowledge on products and processes like enzymes, sourdough, non-dairy toppings and chocolate. We approach and analyze various subjects such as frozen dough and ways to extend the shelf life of baked goods. We also exchange ideas, for instance on popular new flavour combinations. To generate new ideas and develop business on specific topics, our demonstrators periodically focus on themes such as seasonal trends, convenience or snacking ideas.

Local training sessions/seminars

During training sessions organized in our 40 Innovation Centers, professionals can interact with our technical teams.

Our trainers and demonstrators travel around the world and acquire an interesting knowledge. Their experience is reflected through the 40 Innovation Centers, supporting our customers' marketing services and product development.

International training seminars

The Innovation Center at our Brussels headquarters is the host of our international training seminars. These are unique opportunities for our customers to exchange ideas, experiences and success stories.

The seminars focus on universal subjects such as how packaging can be a strategic communication tool or how to export to less known countries. We also discuss the gastronomic facets of various regions in response to the consumer trend to discover new foods.

Being in the group's headquarters gives the opportunity to have direct contact with the R&D and marketing departments, assuring access to our latest findings on consumer trends.