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Research & Development in action at Puratos

Research, development and innovation are part of life at Puratos. Our R&D investment is channelled into three areas – Long Term Research, Business Unit Research and Centers of Competence.
Research and development underpins all the activities of the Puratos Group. We invest heavily in three types of centres – all fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and teams of talented researchers:

Group Research and Services Lab

These laboratories initiate and conduct all the long-term research programmes of the Puratos Group. Our researchers originate new ingredient functionalities, technologies and competences.

Business Unit Research Centres

Each business unit manages ambitious research programs related to their specific area of activity: bread, patisserie or chocolate. These programs are based on our customers needs, consumers insights and constant advancement of technology. The knowledge and expertise gained in these laboratories is centralised and shared with other Puratos researchers to help them play a role in anticipating market trends and consumer buying habits.

Centres of Competence

Centres such as our Industrial Patisserie Competence Center, bring together Puratos researchers whose knowledge is directed to specific types of product - such as bread, cake, fruit fillings etc. The cultural origin of the product decides where a given competence centre will be located. Localised R&D gives us the focus and flexibility to respond to customer expectations concerning technical support and tailor-made products.

The Group Research and Serviceslaboratory in Groot

Bijgardeen, Belgium (Brussels), performs various activities:
  • Researchers undertake long-term research projects, together with the Business Units, in order to discover future game-changers.
  • The laboratory provides and develops different services to the Puratos Group, like flour analysis, support on nutrition or sensorial analysis.
The Asian Development Centre, based in Guanzhou, provides support to South East Asia, China and Japan. Our team of bakery, patisserie, and chocolate experts develop in-depth expertise in local bakery, patisserie and chocolate applications.
The South America R&D Centrein Sao Paulo provides support to Central and South America. Strategic regional projects are investigated in this centre.